Rancid Tweets Put Blog & Friend Under The Weather

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I know StalkerMLM has been worried to pieces over why nothing has shown up on this blog concerning the latest drama between KYAnonymous/Deric Lostutter and his Steubenville adversaries! Well, the truth is worse than being pinned down by a turd, bourboncakes! :(

Soon after Mary Lee aka McGreggorsback aka Mlee was caught red handed spreading lies that Crystal Sheffield had gotten married… 2 ominous tweets came in from one of her many sock accounts. She was madder than an old granny skunk and shot farts right at the face of this blogger and a wet one at the face of well known friend, Levi Page. If farts in the face from the booze soaked innards of this crotchety old granny would not put you under the weather, thinking you had been gassed with poison, nothing would!!

Major Shitstorm Developing On Twitter

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KYAnonymous Angrily Mocks Seth Fluharty’s Steubenville Sentence

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Deric Lostutter Not Happy With Steubenville Wrestling Coach’s Sentence

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Boycott YMCA Steubenville Worse Than A Slapstick Joke

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It may be a bitter pill for some to swallow that a kid like Ma’lik can no longer attend the YMCA, but it’s national policy that registered sex offenders aren’t allowed.

The Boycott YMCA Facebook page has been a comedy act at best – a disgrace overall. Incompetent and ignorant are terms heard most describing it.

They actually describe it best themselves with their profile picture below, along with some stellar gaffs… the most laughable is posting a domain and claiming KYAnonymous put them on the national stage — and posted a link to a domain that doesn’t even exist.

Gaff after gaff and a cause that was flawed from the beginning.

Steubenville Wrestling Coach Indicted by Grand Jury Investigating Rape Case Gets Community Service

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced on Friday that a resolution has been reached in the case of Seth Fluharty, the Steubenville High School wrestling coach who was indicted by the special grand jury investigating the Steubenville rape case, for failing to report child abuse or neglect.

The resolution states that Fluharty agreed to the following:

- Perform 20 community service hours at the A.L.I.V.E. shelter or other approved facility in the Steubenville area.

- Attend a training session for Steubenville City Schools provided by the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV) to provide Steubenville school staff members with an overview of of sexual assault and to teach them how to co-facilitate the “Stand Up!” program for Steubenville students.

If Fluharty successfully completes the terms of the agreement, the misdemeanor charges against him would be dismissed.

Fluharty’s case is the third case to be resolved among the six individuals indicted by the special grand jury. Matthew Belardine and William Rhinaman, who were also indicted, have court appearances scheduled for April 22


Jody McCafferty Is Fed Up With KYAnonymous!!

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Blue Ribbon Poster At Boycott the YMCA of Steubenville, OH

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This is Boycott YMCA’s blue ribbon poster!

I’m sure you know who I mean.

Yes, the one who several times called JD a whore.

One glimspe and you can see he has a problem… several problems in fact.

Despite his obvious problems – he has won many first place blue ribbons from Boycott YMCA of Steubenville.

The Boycott page has actually won a Facebook blue ribbon for it’s achievement in maintaining high standards.

Owner Of Boycott the YMCA of Steubenville, OH Wishes To Speak To You

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Looks Like The Casey Anthony Boycotters Have Moved To Boycotting The Steubenville YMCA

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You Can Do It: Boycott the YMCA of Steubenville, OH & I Support Steubenville YMCA

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Boycott the YMCA of Steubenville, OH & I Support Steubenville YMCA

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To The Boycott YMCA Facebook Page: Did Jane Doe Ask For It?

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No. She didn’t. She asked for no sexual contact. Not even in the court testimony does it say she did.

Even though there is a large body of opinion out there that says she got what she deserved – that is hideous. Even if she could have overlooked the “fingering” and the “handling” – she didn’t ask for the public humiliation that her “friends” did to her on public social media.

There is a body of opinion out there that the boys were hung out to dry. That the boys were innocent as far as the hard charges of rape. Fingering without consent is rape in Ohio. Done deal.

While I believe this girl has a big heart and is a very forgiving girl – she did NOT ask to be publicly humiliated. That, I believe, went beyond acceptance.

You have no doubt seen remarks that she had to cry rape to keep peace with her parents. I don’t know about that and I’m assuming no one else does either. So, STFU!

Many of us females can look back into our youth and remember being drunk. Being drunk at parties, hayrides, football games, friend’s homes. The majority of us remained innocent after those occurrences and are extremely thankful for it.

Say what you will. Dredge up what you will and you still can not say this girl ask for it. That excuse went out of vogue a long long time ago and it is no longer tolerated by anyone, including the courts.

This post is directed straight to some of the tards posting on the Boycott Facebook page — you all know what page I mean. Jesus!! :shock:

KY Says He Has The Cash For Major Steubenville Identity Outing!!

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Wanted Women!!!

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Popadopolous The Peacemaker

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Well, guess what? Pops has become a peacemaker and made peace with some enemies!! :shock:

After a terrible and long standing feud with KYAnonymous – he up and made peace with him. God only knows what those DM’s and email’s looked like!! This has been a mean-spirited affair on both sides.

And then if that wasn’t enough of a shocker – he up and made peace with Sam Cook. OMG, the nasty that went down with those two for months can’t even be repeated among pleasant company! Of course, he also made peace with Sam’s fiancée, Bobby aka BreaKBeatJunkee!

Will these new truces hold? Peeps are wondering, but I hope they do!!

What Next Peeps? KY Drones Over Steubenville? LOL!

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I don’t know how many of you saw the war on twitter last night and early this morning over the cash bounty placed on Jud’s identity… and of Phantonym too, but it was quite a show… Zillions of tweets all over the place! I think it wise to keep this post simple. :)

Of course, Judicious got her 2 cents in…

Maybe KY should be scared of certain housewives!! :shock:  LOL!

Steubenville Anger

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This is a common sentiment expressed by Steubenvilleites on twitter. They are angry.

When I look at the Facebook pages supporting the YMCA and boycotting the YMCA, it’s the same with many – they are angry.

Every person who became famous did it by engaging in something that seemed small and then when caught up in the national media, they realized they were involved in something much bigger. Some experience this innocently and some experience it through calculation. More fail than succeed, but those who do succeed often reap financial gain and some do not – they just get a lot of media attention and that’s it.

Prinnie blogged it, Michelle promoted it and KY took it to the top… and there you have it. Will they reap financial gain? I don’t know, but as far as I know it hasn’t happened yet. It may in the future and that’s the normal progression for such things… and then again, some things just wither, burn out and die on the vine in time.

Based on twitter – all of them have been faced with rather hard times. That is also a common occurrence in such affairs. It’s not uncommon at all. Praise as well as criticism is dumped on their shoulders equally. It is what it is.

Brad Pitt’s company, Plan B, bought the rights to the Rolling Stone article about Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous and is looking for a script writer, per released information. Will they do a movie based on KY being raided and threatened with charges and prison time? Or will they wait to see if he is actually charged? Plan B has no interest in B movies, so it will be interesting to see what they do with the newly purchased rights.

There is a lot of excitement over the “pending movie”. Grand expectations are being written about. Those expectations may be met and they may not. A huge dust up over whether Jane Doe would be involved with the movie – what teenage girl would not want to meet Brad Pitt given the opportunity?

If you believe Jezebel – KY has already been sentenced to prison:

As Vanity Fair (and a bunch of other places) reports, the film will be based on David Kushner’s Rolling Stone article “Anonymous vs. Steubenville,” which chronicled the role of the hactivist collective Anonymous and specifically Deric Lostutter, the hacker who uncovered information about the case and ended up getting sentenced to more jail time than the actual sexual assailants as a result. A good rageboner type storyline. http://jezebel.com/today-in-questionable-ideas-brad-pitt-might-make-a-ste-1558416221

Too funny and solid proof you shouldn’t believe everything you read. LOL!

UPDATED: Lostutter In Pain, Expresses Loss

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I’m not sure what to make of this… I have no idea what has changed or what has been lost … or happened in his life that would cause a tweet like this. With the announcement of a movie about him, I would think he was on top of the world. Maybe not, but obvious something is causing him great pain.

Just tweeted… all has turned around. That’s a good thing!!

Wild Revelations On Twitter. Always Something!

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Twitter never lacks for excitement… and wild revelations of all kinds.

This twitter popped up and laid into bashing the usual suspects. Deric, Prinnie and me.

Below is a mere sample… LOL!

Prinnie Blogs Hollywood Was Sure To Pick Up On Steubenville Rape Story

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Prinnie has a short and to the point blog out with her opinion on the Brad Pitt, Plan B movie issue. A snippet is below and the link to her blog. A good read, so read it!!

“It happened…I think all of us who had been involved in the Steubenville case knew that eventually Hollywood would pick up on this story even if it became a Lifetime movie.”

Read more at: http://prinniefied.com/wp/brad-pitt-purchases-anonymous-v-steubenville/ | prinniefied.com

Continuing Confusion Over Jane Doe And the Brad Pitt Movie

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The confusion, nor the controversy has died down concerning Jane Doe and her involvement – whatever it may be or not be – in the Brad Pitt movie about Deric Lostutter and the Steubenville rape case.

I was loaded up with emails and DM’s yesterday asking if it was fact she was going to be in the movie. The answer to that has been explained by Deric as no. Per Deric she will act as a consultant, along with him, on her part of the story. Nothing has been heard from her, her family or their attorney, Robert Fitzsimmons, but Deric is adamant it is going to happen.

Sads also hopped in with his agreement this was fact.

The source of the confusion was a Daily Mail article that appeared saying she would play a role… many thought that meant she would appear in the movie. That is incorrect and the title was changed, thanks to Deric Lostutter’s insistence with the author of the article.

Congratulations Out To Sam & Bobby! Engagement Announced On Twitter!

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More Trouble In The Haleigh Cummings Family

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YancyFaith tweeted this news article earlier tonight. This is just more trashy and criminal behavior within the family who surrounded little Haleigh Cummings. Her mother, Crystal Sheffield, always in trouble with drugs. Marie Griffis, the maternal grandmother, has an injunction on this man for domestic abuse issues… it just never stops with this family. Her father, Ronald Cummings and his girlfriend Misty Croslin, are in prison for selling prescription drugs.

Haleigh Cummings is still missing. She went missing from her Satsuma home in the early hours, February 10, 2009. Her father was at work, and his girlfriend was at his home with Haleigh

Glen man arrested for molesting teen

Well Known Tweeter Reveals Favorite Fetish – Good Looking Idiots!!

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Some kind of twisted love angle going on here – just not sure what though… :shock:

Run Deric before you look like a snack and get stuffed into a bun… :-|

Shrews Putting Pressure On Deric Lostutter!! He Fires Back!!

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A couple of JD’s friends aren’t too happy according to their tweets.

Deric fires back!

Early Speculation On Who Will Play Big Red Coach Reno Saccoccia!!

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EXCLUSIVE: Steubenville rape victim asks for input in Brad Pitt’s movie

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Note title change… 

The teenage victim of the Steubenville rape wants to work with Brad Pitt on his movie of the now notorious Ohio scandal, MailOnline can reveal.

The girl, who has never spoken publicly about her ordeal at the hands of High School football stars, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, has asked for ‘input’ into the movie which will chronicle the crime and the role played by Anonymous hacker, Deric Lotstutter in exposing it and the cover up that followed.

Oscar winning Pitt’s production company Plan B is to base the movie on a Rolling Stones profile of Lostutter,  ‘Anonymous vs Steubenville,’ by journalist David Kushner.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Lostutter said: ‘Who better to tell her story than her?  If her lawyer approves it we’re going to make Jane Doe a consultant to the movie.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2596371/EXCLUSIVE-Steubenville-rape-victim-asks-role-Brad-Pitts-movie-ordeal-Anonymous-hacker-inspired-film-breaks-silence.html#ixzz2xvAnxFuB
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Rumors And Dread Grip Steubenville

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Once again rumors of things to come have griped Steubenville. The movie rumor has been confirmed as true!

School kids dread what is to come. Parents dread it too. Many kids are still very stressed over this entire affair and it isn’t ending anytime soon. With a movie – they know there will be renewed media interest for awhile – probably around the time the movie is released, etc..

Jane Doe had to delete her twitter account due to several different things – including this twitter account below naming her outright and her friends. The friends are now being tagged on twitter – unwanted contact.

Once upon a time long ago this entire story was about Jane Doe. Things changed and now the story… and the movie is about Deric Lostutter. It’s his story now.

What the Jane Doe family thinks about all of this is unknown. Their attorney, Robert Fitzsimmons, is said to have commented to the effect that as long as it was accurate – all would be good.

Sometimes things become what could never have been foreseen.

The Miraculous Or Act Of Humility? Lostutter Apologizes!

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A huge argument over a tweet Deric made about Ma’lik having nude photos on a phone… wow … but Deric apologized for a punctuation mistake! As you can see – sarcasm followed. :-|

So! Speaking of nudes… below is Deric’s current twitter avatar!! LOL!!

What’s Wrong With People?!! Good Grief!!

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Big Red Symbol Mocked! Fair Or Not Fair?

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Wow! Talk about using a symbol to speak loudly! I’ve seen Big Red made fun of and spoofed all over the internet… and defended all over the internet too… it goes both ways, but this has to be one of the loudest bashes of Big Red I’ve seen. Some will like it and some will hate it. That’s how things go around here.

Support For Ma’lik And No Fear of Lostutter!!

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Whew, tough talk on this Facebook page too!! Just goes to show when you think the Steubenville story is over and done with … it ain’t! :(

If I blogged for the next 96 hours straight I couldn’t begin to touch all of the bullshit going on!! LMAO!! It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!! :)



Call To Boycott Jill Watkin’s Business, OMG!!

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OMG, poor Jill!! I wonder if she knows about this? :shock: 19 likes!! :shock:

Gasp! Kim Gillespie Called “Apologist Scum” And “Illiterate”!

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My God, this is a very rough Facebook page… use caution if you visit there and protect your ass if you decide to make an unpopular comment.



Guess Who Wants A Job…

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Michelle McKee of course… droning on and on about how talented she is. Funny thing is that she has caused so much shit to be written about her on the internet she can’t get a job!! Is Michelle talented? Yes, I believe so if tweeting garbage is talent – then yep, she’s the talent show winner, hands down!

StalkerMLM Shit Stirring As Usual – LOL!

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NEWZ FLASH: Did Ma’lik Richmond Really Try To Plea?

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Here we have some Breaking Newz – maybe – who knows… is someone tweeting confidential info? Wouldn’t be the first time would it?

Steubenville’s Judicious & Crew Carry On… and On…

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This is a mere sample… :-|

Big Red All The Way!!

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Steubenville’s Jane Doe Called A “Confirmed Whore”!!

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Here’s a sample of what has been going on over at the Boycott the YMCA of Steubenville, OH Facebook page. Oy!! :shock:

Michelle McKee Gets Freaky On Prinnie

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Imagine this! LOL! People got quiet or went about their business and a tight group turned on each other. Sure was some good entertainment there for a while… now of course everyone is busy with the Brad Pitt Steubenville movie prospect. It’s being explored as a movie about Deric Lostutter’s life and times… times in the Steubenville affair and possibly facing 10 big ones in a Federal Prison. :(

Brad Pitt’s Plan B Allegedly Buys Rights To ‘Anonymous vs. Steubenville’ Story

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From Huffington Post

Brad Pitt’s production company will allegedly bring the Steubenville rape case to the big screen.

The Tracking Board, a Hollywood insider blog, claims Pitt and Dede Gardner’s Plan B Entertainment has bought the rights to the November 2013 Rolling Stone story“Anonymous vs. Steubenville” written by David Kushner. The piece focuses on hacktivist and Anonymous member Deric Lostutter’s role in revealing information and exposing cover-ups relating to the 2012 rape of a 16-year-old girl by two football players from the close-knit town.

Both Anonymous and Lostutter tweeted about the claim:

Representatives for CAA and Brillstein Entertainment, which represent Plan B, were not immediately available for further comment.

Fox News: Justina Pelletier’s family wins right to take her back to preferred doctors

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The ailing teenager at the center of an interstate custody battle is going back under the care of Tufts Medical Center, where she was being treated until another Boston hospital made a different diagnosis and urged child protection officials to take her away from her family.

The development in the case of Justina Pelletier, 15, came at an attorneys-only hearing in Boston, where a contempt of court order against her father was also lifted. Lou Pelletier violated a gag order when he appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” last month to decry Massachusetts Department of Children and Families’ decision to take his daughter, who is from Connecticut and was only in the Bay State to get medical treatment.

Doctors at Tufts performed surgery on Justina and prescribed medication, all to treat her for a rare condition called Mitochondrial diagnosis. But when Pelletier took his daughter to Boston Children’s Hospital to seek treatment for a negative reaction to the flu last year, doctors determined that her problems were partly psychiatric and that the invasive treatment at Tufts constituted medical abuse. They contacted DCF, which took the girl.

Justina spent the past 13 months detained in two Massachusetts’s facilities against her parents’ wishes. She is currently being held at the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network facility in Framingham, Mass., after spending a year at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Also at Monday’s meeting, lawyers for the Pelletiers sought to have DCF transfer custody of the girl to their counterparts in Connecticut while the family continues to fight for her return. A decision on that issue could come on March 17.

The Pelletiers have allies in the Massachusetts Legislature, where 16 lawmakers drafted a resolution last week in an attempt to strip Justina’s custodial rights from the DCF.

“DCF is an agency in disarray,” said state Rep. Marc Lambardo, the Massachusetts state legislator who authored the resolution. “This is an administration that has been built on a lack of transparency and patronage.”


More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/03/justina-pelletier-mitochondrial-massachusetts-family/

Twitter And The Justina Pelletier Medical Vs. Psychiatric And Custody Case #FreeJustina

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There is twitter campaign supporting the parents of this Connecticut teenager. It’s been going on for some time and many of you may have seen it while on twitter. This situation seems horrible.

BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families confirmed Friday it’s working to send a teenager at the center of a bitter state custody dispute back to her home state of Connecticut.

The agency also announced that Tufts Medical Center will soon begin overseeing the treatment of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, an apparent victory for her parents.

Pelletier has spent the past year in Massachusetts state custody undergoing psychiatric treatment as her parents and doctors at Children’s Hospital clashed over her diagnosis and treatment.

Pelletier had been a patient at Tufts undergoing treatment for mitochondrial disease — a rare and controversial disorder where the body’s cells can’t produce energy, triggering chronic fatigue and severe digestive problems.

But when the Pelletiers brought Justina into the Children’s Hospital emergency room last February, doctors quickly diagnosed her problems as psychiatric.

When the Pelletiers objected, Children’s brought in DCF and the state took custody of Justina, essentially ruling her parents were committing medical child abuse by pursuing medical rather than psychological treatment.


Look Who Is Getting Spoofed On Twitter! LOL!

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Twitter Wars Not Slowing Down Between OpRollRedRoll Players

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Not long ago there was a dust up among some twitter friends and it hasn’t abated yet. In fact it seems to have worsened. This time it is Sam Cook under attack and harshly so. Where this will end is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure – when things begin to unwind, they tend to not stop until every ounce of bitterness is squeezed out and every person gets blasted. This involves some heavy players in the Steubenville rape case aka OpRollRedRoll and peeps are wondering where this dispute will end and with who. Time will tell I guess.

Now, This Is A Dad!

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Article: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/buckhead-dad-walks-six-miles-to-be-with-young-daug/nc6Lp/

Snow And Ice In The Deep South

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By now everyone has seen the snow and ice disaster the befell the South. It’s a rarity here, so much is made of it when it happens.

The Georgia Governor is graciously trying to accept blame for the way the population was released from school and jobs – all at the same time. It would be nice if that were really the problem, but it’s far from the truth.

The truth is they didn’t significantly pretreat or treat the interstates or anything else. Dropped a few granules on a bridge and overpass or two and then called it a day. The City of Atlanta did some – and also bragged how they moved a million plus people out of the City. They did – only to have them immediately parked on the interstate system, which is maintained by the State.

Southern cities don’t like to purchase and maintain equipment for things that rarely happen. It’s expensive. This snow storm was a repeat of what normally happens here. The City of Atlanta has “some” equipment. The State of Georgia has “some” equipment. Huge stockpiles of the treatment material are seen from several interstate intersections – the ones where it is most visible. Also, most visible is that it never decreases in amount or size.

It would serve the people here much better to just come out and say “we don’t want to spend the money when it will all melt in a day or so anyway – so you are on your own when it snows”!

Birmingham, Alabama also suffered bad decisions. They sent their school children in late that day to avoid the storm. The kids arrived at school at 10:00am and the storm hit about 10:30am. Kids stranded in their schools overnight by the hundreds, if not thousands. Wouldn’t you just love to be the official who made that decision! LOL!

By yesterday afternoon all of the Georgia school children were home with their parents. I don’t know how Birmingham fared yesterday. Well I hope.

The “thaw” will happen sometime this afternoon in Metro Atlanta and then all the politicians can claim victory I guess. LOL!!

Good Samaritans flourished all over the area, so that’s a good thing and possibly the only good thing that happened.

Does Twitter Town Have a Haxor?

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Yes, and the tension mounts! Some are asking – “who will my haxor be?”!

A quiet and eerie calm settled over twitter town on the Eve of Sunday. Rumors were everywhere a haxor would be visiting, but visiting who? No one seemed to know, only that a visit or visits were imminent.

The rumors flowed over to the Spot Bar in Steubenville, Ohio. Betting was brisk.

Odds were 90 to 1 it would be TruthSeeker. Odds were even better for Judicious and that’s where the big money was being placed. But the dark horse seemed to be twitter gal Peaceintheville. Heavy betting on the trifecta all the way!!

“No Finger Prints” Hanlin is said to have faxed in her bet. Frankie “IOU” Bruzzese dropped his off the old school way. Tammy Dixon found her credit cards mysteriously over the limit and couldn’t place even a meager wager! Suddenly, Scaffidi’s denied they sold Weirton bootleg after 10pm on Sundays. WTF? Even denied having pint jars in their late hours fine dining establishment! Enzo’s said they had never heard of a ‘prinnie’ and denied ever making it or serving it. :-|

It may be a long Monday… or a long week. The haxor is said to be busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed.